Attending CommonBound

By Dary R

Throughout the year I have facilitated trainings and meetings for the Citizenship and Organizing group. Working with this group has made it easier to understand what it means to play a role in community organizing. When people facilitate groups to help create change in our communities it is important to learn about your topic and have good public speaking skills, so it could make it easier for other people to understand what you are saying. Also, it is important to communicate with your group and have a discussion to they can engage in the conversation. My in the Citizenship and Organizing group was good because it definitely made me practice by public speaking and communication skills.

This past weekend, from July 8th to the 10th, I attended the CommonBound Conference at Buffalo State College. CommonBound is a conference that brings people together to talk about political, social and economic problems happening in our communities. The topics included: Black Lives Matter, Allyship, food policy and gentrification. We attended panel discussions where Rebekah Williams and Khadijah Hussian represented MAP and told their stories about how they started working at MAP.

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