What's growing in the garden | May 2016

During the month of May we planted the garden with over forty crops! The past few weeks have been hot and dry, so we have spent a lot of time watering our transplanted crops like pumpkins, and peppers. Spring bulbs have finished blooming, and now cornflowers (also known as bachelors buttons), daisies, and chive flowers light up the garden. 

Four rows of arugula are bursting with spicy flavor. We will eat them in salad later this week. Arugula is a cut-and-come-again crop, so we expect to have more than one harvest from the same plants.

Look at those potatoes! Have you ever seen them growing in a bathtub before?

Hot temperatures and little rain were tough conditions for the transplanted pumpkin plants above.  They are part of our three sisters garden, along with sweet corn and black eyed peas.

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