Beef and Barks

Image of Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market from Yelp User J M.
Written by Elizabeth Camara 

On a Saturday in October, we went to a farmer’s market in Bidwell Park. The task of the day was to interview one farm and one other business.

The farm that I interviewed is Plato Dale Farm; they are located in Arcade, New York. They sell 100% grass-fed beef, chicken, and organic veggies. Plato farm does not use antibiotic or pesticides just wholesome grains. Most of their products are sold in plastic bins from coolers. You can pay with cash, account, and CSA. You can find their products at the Lexington Co-op, too.

The business that I checked out is called Hands and Paws. They are located in Cheektowaga, New York. They sell dog biscuits the packages are bags with dog paws on them which are sold in packages at the market. You can pay for their products with cash, check, and credit cards. Also, if the market is not open, you can find them at the Broadway Market.

When we arrived at the market, I realized that everything was very organized. There were farmers and businesses on each side of the park but the middle was left open so customers could walk through easily. I noticed a lot of things while being there. One was that the sellers were so engaged with the buyers; also they seem so proud of their business. If you had a question, they were ready to answer it. Second thing I noticed were the labels on the products were clear and able to be seen from a distance. All of the sellers had a different way to label and display their product.

What caught my attention most was the fact that there was more diversity in the products than the people selling the products. I observed that majority of the people there were white young adults. Why? Maybe it was because of the location or the lack of advertisement on social media.

One can only guess. Overall it was a refreshing and exciting experience; it made me aware of the importance of farmers market to our community. See you guys on our next journey.

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