A grand opening for healthy corner stores

In early January, our group, the Citizenship and Organizing Group, went to a grand opening for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative in Buffalo.  The grand opening featured two stores, both were located near Amherst Street.

When we arrived at the first store it was already crowded, but people kept filling in.  There was a speaking program, which started soon after we arrived, and there were a lot of speakers. The speakers included politicians and representatives of organizations.  One of the speakers talked about future plans for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative.  There were also lots of news reporters and cameras taking pictures and videos of the event.

Many different organizations were present.  To name a few, representatives from Millennium Collaborative Care, Buffalo Promise Neighborhood, and the P2 Collaborative of WNY were there.  We spoke with a man named Mohamed Albanna, from AB and S Wholesale, who helped provide food for the stores.  A few of us got to try free samples of a healthy peanut butter and yogurt recipe that was provided by Shelia Bass from Cornell Cooperative Extension.  We also got to speak with a woman from the Arab-American Community Center for Economic & Social Services (or ACCESS WNY).  She mentioned a possible collaboration between us and the youth in her organization.

In many ways, the stores looked like other corner stores, the differences were coolers with "Healthy Corner Store" logos on them with vegetables inside, and fruit.  Bananas were being sold for $69 cents per pound and the apples were $2 dollars for four apples.  The rest of the store included accessories, such as clothes, and many other items.

We think that this is a good start for this healthy food initiative.

Click here to see more pictures from the grand opening.

This post was written by the following MAP youth:

Caleb who loves diversity at his high school and at MAP.
Say Ra Pa, a senior at McKinley, started at MAP this fall of 2015.
Supo hopes to become an ESL teacher so she can help the community.
Thaint joined MAP because she loves cooking and sharing food with people.

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