Building compost bins in the MAP garden

Off to battle! We are on our way to the youth garden to build compost bins and get the garden ready for next summer.

We built our compost bins out of recycled pallets.

We secured the pallets to stakes with wire.

Mission accomplished! Our finished compost bins.

Early stages of filling our compost bins.

The compost bins are full of biodegradable things like fruits, vegetables, twigs, wood and leaves. All winter they will sit and break down into fresh, healthy soil. We will use it to grow more foods next year, which turns into an ongoing cycle!!!

This post was written by the following MAP youth:

Leviticus, or Levi for short, started working at MAP because he is interested in nutrition.

Ben is a high school senior involved in urban agriculture projects to improve Buffalo's food system.

Law recently moved to Buffalo, and has been working at MAP since the summer. This year he has learned about composting.

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