Planting garlic on MAP's farm

By: Messiah M, Levi B, and Muhamud H

At MAP we plant garlic in the late fall to early winter. Garlic is an allium, which is a genus of plants. Onions, leeks, shallots, and chives are all in the allium family. Garlic is harvested in the summertime - usually in July (perfect for barbecues!)

What we find to be the easiest ways to plant garlic is:

Garlic should be planted in rows about 1 foot apart. Garlic cloves should be planted 6 inches apart. The cloves all have to be facing the save way so the leaves won't grow into each other.

MAP has grown 8 generations of garlic, meaning we have saved the same cloves for eight years straight as part of our effort to save seeds. After harvesting our garlic we let the garlic dry so that it last longer to use in cooking, and to replant.

This post was written by the following MAP youth:

Messiah, or Pooh for short, works at MAP because she likes plants.

Leviticus, or Levi for short, started working at MAP because he is interested in nutrition.

Mohamud, or Mo for short, is a freshman at Hutch Tech. He works at MAP for personal work experience and to help around the community.

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