Thanks to You We Went to NESAWG!

By Rebekah Williams

Three MAP youth employees have been awarded a scholarship to attend the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) conference in Saratoga Springs in November.  The three youth chosen to represent MAP are Serge Muharareni, Benjamin Hough, and Samiyah Kinsey.  They will be accompanied by MAP staff: Rebekah Williams and Kerri Bejger.

Serge, Samiyah, and Ben, were selected because of their participation in MAP Growing Green, and because of their leadership qualities, and interest in food systems and sustainable agriculture.

Serge, April 2015
Serge Muharareni is a high school senior at Hutchinson Technical Central High School.  He plans to study mechanical engineering in college, and hopes to apply his engineering skills for good and environmentally sustainable purposes.

Serge has been employed at MAP since July of 2013.  He has served as Social Media Specialist during the summers of 2014 and 2015, and he has assisted on the Mobile Market farm stand.  During this school year, Serge joined the Nutrition & Enterprise group.  He has represented MAP on the Close-Up Washington DC trip with the Communities of Giving Legacy Initiative.  He looks forward to gaining additional leadership skills this year.

Sam, August 2015
Samiyah, or "Sam", Kinsey started working at MAP in the summer of 2015.  She joined the organization after getting involved in community gardening and urban farming in her neighborhood.  Sam is interested in growing practices and the biomedical implications of food, and she hopes to be a holistic medical care provider someday.

By attending NESAWG and connecting with other people who share her interests, Sam hopes to broaden her knowledge of work being done in the northeast and to learn about strategies to battle food inaccessibility in our region.

Ben, July 2015

Ben Hough began working at MAP during the summer of 2015 to help promote food sustainability within Buffalo.  In the fall of 2014, he began volunteering with a city-wide youth leadership initiative called the Youth Advisors Council (YAC).  One goal of YAC is to improve school food for Buffalo students.  Ben has supported the work of YAC by speaking at press conferences, serving as President for the group, and traveling to Hartford, CT, to learn about other similar youth programs.

This fall, Ben rejoined MAP to work with the Farm and Garden group.  By working at MAP he hopes to learn more about local vegetables and produce, and what grows naturally in our region.

NESAWG is a great opportunity for us and for our youth.  Please consider making a donation and help us build relationships with sustainable farmers from across the state.  To donate, visit our MAP paypal account at http://mass-ave.org/donate/ and write “NESAWG” in the notes field.

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