On the Clock

By King Forrin (Donacian Nibaruta)

It’s been a minute since I rhymed, but I’m back at it with MAP.
30 more minutes I’m on the clock, until I’m off with MAP.

Last week when I was working I left Adam feeling trapped. I worked at Squeaky Wheel, the name sounds fun, well it was fun. All I did was learn and try new things. I promise that’s a fact.

Matter fact for evidence browse me (king Forrin), see my work on the media funny thing is right now I’m in social media, or ask my man’s Serge to save you the trouble of you having to search.

Trust me we both go to church,

Right around the corner on Lafayette OUR LADY OF HOPE.

Hoping you believe me, tho I’m not a lady, I’m a man, and a man of hope.

That’s why I do the work I do bringing good greens to our community, reason it helps to save humanity.

MAP is the organization that brings healthy affordable food to food deserts.

Welcome to our reality, because here at MAP we bring the good melody.

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