New Things & Fun Times

By Elizabeth Camara

My name is Elizabeth. I am a senior at Performing Arts. I came to know about MAP through my cousin. She tried to apply here but couldn’t because she was too old. So she called me, I came in and got an application from Rebekah.

Honestly, a friend of mine that used to work for MAP told me that all they did was farm.  That was the mind frame I had coming in on the first day, but honestly it is so much more than farming.

I’ve had so much fun with MAP!  I enjoy cooking on Fridays.  It’s a welcoming vibe and everyone contributes somehow, either by chopping onions or sweeping the floors, etc.  We’ve also watched documentaries and movies that have to do with MAP and its mission to better the community.

I am really excited to learn more about urban farming and growing and selling what we farm.  I’m also excited about cooking, eating, and learning restaurant skills and other new things, because you never know when it will be useful.

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