My View on MAP

By Messiah McLaurin

My name is Messiah, I’m 14, and I work at MAP (Massachusetts Avenue Project).

This is my first year working here and I have had nothing but good experiences with the program.  MAP helps bring local fruits and vegetables to people that do not have a close supermarket or store near where they live, (such as Wegmans or Tops).

When I first came here I was excited to learn how to occupy a local garden.  I’m looking forward to doing more hands-on projects because they are really fun.

I found out about MAP because I would walk on Massachusetts with my sister a couple years ago, and I wondered “What are they doing here?”  Now that I’m 14 I made sure that I got employed here so I can be a great worker.

I’m particularly excited about cooking, I absolutely love the cooking experience here, and it was beautiful working in a kitchen with my friends.  I personally think the mission of MAP and the work we do here is to better communities, not just in Buffalo, but all over the world.

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