Becoming Part of the MAP Family

By Daryangelik Rosado

Hello, my name is Daryangelik Rosado and I work at a non-profit organization called MAP!

Our mission at MAP is to grow and produce healthy foods for our local communities.  We do this for people who don’t live near grocery stores and for people who don’t have a lot of money, so we sell our healthy produce for a low affordable price.

When I first heard about MAP, I was applying for a summer job at MSIP (Mayor Summer Internship Program).  They put me to work at MAP and that was my first time hearing about it.  At first when I came, I thought it was boring because I thought that I was going to be farming everyday, but it turned out to be great!

I love working here because we do so many different things.  There is a cooking program which gives us, the workers, a chance to cook something for everybody that works with us.

MAP isn’t just about farming, it’s about working together to make a change in our communities and to make healthier foods more accessible and affordable for people in our communities.

At MAP, they teach you working skills and make work more enjoyable.  I love working with everybody!  We’ve grown to become one big family and were always there for each other.  We have groups that we are a part of and each group contributes to something each week and then the groups rotate.

Every morning, before we start work, we do a check-in question and play a morning game to wake up, and just have a little time until we actually start to work.  Everybody always comes to work on time and we all have grown to become closer and open with each other.

Working at MAP has made me realize that eating healthy can change your life.  I personally don’t like vegetables, but working at MAP has made me more comfortable with my food choices and it showed me that living a healthy lifestyle is the best thing!  I often incorporate vegetables into my food.  I eat more greens and I notice a difference in my body.

At MAP, they give you many opportunities.  I’m extremely grateful for working here because I love everybody just like if they are my family.

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