Meet #MAPYouth Osman!

Hello, my name is Osman. I am a senior at Hutch Tech High School. How good is that? I'm just a kid who was born in a different place but grew up with American way of life and it's been great. I come from a country called Kenya in Africa. I have been living here since 2004. When I said I was raised the American way I mean because basketball just became my favorite activity. It never was back home. Back in Kenya, I was more of a soccer guy. Most of the time, MAP been there for me, but I never knew about it until my brother (former MAP Youth employee) told me about it. At first it was not my thing after the first summer I realized this place is just for the best of me.

I have learned a lot here. I learned how much MAP can benefit my community and much more. I do a lot of charity at my Mosque and recycling at my school. So, that's one thing I changed about myself. When I'm done with high school. I want to go to college and get a degree in business administration or in engineering. That's a goal I have.

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