Meet #MAPYouth Levi!

Hello. My name is Leviticus or you can just call me Levi for short. I was born on March 13, 1999, in Buffalo, NY. I grew up on the west side. I've been working for MAP since the summer of 2014 and the school year program of 2014-2015. I wanted to work for MAP because my great great uncle owned a farm in Panama, Central America, where my mom and family lived, before coming to the USA. I also wanted to work for MAP because I wanted to work in the agricultural field, which I have some interest in.

The reason I work for MAP is for work experience and just a fun way to kill time.

One thing really enjoy about my job is how I learn something new each time. One way I dislike it is how there's not enough hands-on work for me. The most simple thing I enjoy outside of work is sleep -- yes, sleep! After I'm done working for MAP my goal or plan is to pursue a career in the culinary/visual arts sector. MAP is a good place to teach youth ways to give back to our community. Small ways I give back to my community are recycling and volunteering at my local community center. I tend to work an average of 7 to 15 hours a week at MAP. It is somewhat difficult to juggle work and high school because I don't always do my homework when I should. There are many great things happening at MAP. One of them is our plan for a youth community garden. We even gave it a name, Da Garden, which was my idea! Some of the things I'm going to plant there are eggplant, watermelon, and jalapeƱo peppers, which are my favorite pepper. :-)

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