Meet #MAPYouth Kiara!

Hi, my name is Kiara. I am a MAP youth participant and I've been one for two summers and one school year. Growing up in the east side of Buffalo, I never really heard of MAP. When I moved in with my dad, who lived in the west side of Buffalo, I became aware of the organization, even more so when Mayor Summer Youth placed me with them for my summer job. I was so scared to work at MAP because I was working with people I didn't know and was kind of out of my comfort zone with the work they had us doing. In the end, I liked working with MAP and became comfortable doing the activities they had planned out for us.

My second summer at MAP was better; MAP started showing more social media to us, which happens to be my favorite thing to do. I can honestly say that I don't like the farming side of things at MAP because I don't like dirt and I breakout easily. I know it's pretty ironic that I work for an organization based on farming to provide food to people who live in food deserts, but I can't help the fact that dirt makes me feel icky.

This year, I worked with MAP for the school year, which I loved because that means no dirt for me (insert smiley face). Working in the school year, I had to realize that I had took on more responsibility which meant no more hanging with my friends after school on certain days, or staying for the basketball games and supporting my friends on the team. It's okay though because MAP has taught me valuable things that not even my friends or family could teach me, like how to farm, and how to interact with people in the business world. Since I’m in my 12th year of school, I hope to be accepted into Buffalo State College. I would like to study business, so I can open my own spa. I will always have MAP to thank for helping me believe in my dreams.  

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