Meet #MAPYouth Fardosa!

Hello, my name is Fardosa. I am 16 years old.  I go to McKinley High School. I have been working at MAP for 2 months and it feels like a year. I love MAP. I get to learn more about growing food and helping out the community. I am from Kenya, East Africa. My dad was farming there, too. I came to the United States in 2004. I have been here for 11 years. I only work at MAP for 12 hrs a week but I would love to work here 24/7. I am glad I saw a sign about MAP Growing Green around my neighborhood. When I read more about MAP, it inspired me and I found a way to work here and my plan worked out.

I saw a small market on Massachusetts Ave. I bought onion and pepper from there the price had me saying, "OMG. This is awesome!" The market didn't cost much and I ask the person working there for more details. Then I came to the office and introduced myself and, guess what, I got the job! It was a joyful day for me.

I like canvassing at MAP, and going to door to door to get people's support because I love MAP and I want others to love MAP. Even though it is cold and snowing I will always try and bring lots of support from others. I like the garden we setup and thinking about what to grow in the garden.  For the coming season, we have good fruits and vegetables. It's all nice and fresh baby, you will love it!! I like working on the farm too. We fix things for the plants and figure out where to grow them. When it's cold out, I don't like to farm but I still do, I just dress warm and go out there hustle and work my butt off. I like to be active and athletic. I play soccer, basketball, and track. I used to say farming is boring and stuff but I never knew MAP was going to inspire or entertain me. I know so much about gardening and farming now.

My career goal is to go to college and  take 2 years of courses in agriculture learn more and more about gardening or farming. Eventually,  I would like to have my own farm and be a good farmer because MAP taught me about farming. Then I want to become a professional soccer player. I wear #3 and soccer is life. I want my name to appear everywhere as the best African woman soccer player. I believe I will be one someday. I have to chase after my dream no matter how long it takes.

MAP has a community garden around the neighborhood. We help out people with the things we grow. We donate, that's how we give back to our community. There are some challenges working and going  to school because at school we have too much homework and studying to do every day. At work, you work and  then get tired when you go back home and fall asleep or go on facebook and  you  forget about you school work. I love my job because I don't have to complain about working everyday because, at MAP, I pick my own schedule so I don't have to miss out any activities at school or at home.  

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