Meet #MAPYouth Dillon!

When I was about 11 or 12 I lived in the west side, on the corner of Bird and Baynes. My name is Dillon and I’ve lived my whole life on the west side of Buffalo. I would go to my neighbor's house a couple of days a week. When I was 12 or 13, myself, my neighbor, Adam, and my brother, Kyle were all talking of ways to make money to get snacks and videogames for the summer. We came up with the idea of selling slushies in front of Adam’s house. It didn’t work as well as we had hoped. So, I became determined to get a job to get money that I would save most of, but spend some on videogames and snacks. I was then told that I had to be fourteen to be employed during the summer. I tried asking people I knew if they had any place I could work for. Adam's mom, Diane, told me where she worked and that they employ youth in the summer and during the school year.

I started working at MAP in the summer of 2011. Fast-forward to now and I’m 18, about to graduate from Fredrick Law Olmsted High School, I’m going to go to college to get an environmental Bachelors Degree, and I’m still working at MAP! I think that out of all the youth who currently work at MAP. I’ve been there the longest. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent and the work I’ve done at MAP. At MAP, every two weeks, we have a meeting and sign up for work hours. I like working on the farm the most and I sign up there every time I can.

Through working at MAP, I have become involved with the Youth Advisors Council and the Buffalo and Erie Food Policy Council. The Youth Advisors Council strives to improve Buffalo Public Schools with student involvement and the Food Policy Council is an advisory body that advises public agencies and policy makers in Buffalo and Erie County on matters pertaining to Food Policy. 

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