Meet #MAPYouth Aye Pi!

My name is Aye Pi. I am a senior at Riverside Institute of Technology High School. I was born in Myanmar. Back there, my family used to be farmers and they grew their own food for my family, but there wasn't enough food. My family moved to Thailand. I lived there for eight years and then we moved again, to America. Now we are far away from our own village. I have been in America for eight years.

I have been working at MAP Growing Green for one summer and one school year. Sometime I have a hard time because while I am going to school I have to work the same time and sometimes I’m tired and don’t have enough time to do my homework. I still stay working at MAP because I want to support my family.

The reason I like to work at MAP is because it gives me a chance to meet with different people from different countries and speak different languages. Also, MAP helps me to learn and try new things in my life. The most important thing I like about working at MAP is growing vegetables and different kinds of food like my family grew in Myanmar. I also want to help our community to eat healthy food and stay healthy. Sometimes in my personal life, I like to hang out with my friends talk about our life and what our future goals are.  Also I going to temple sometimes to help clean and give food to the monks. My future goal is to graduate from college get my degree in nursing and become a school nurse so I can helped sick students. I also like to support everyone who needs my help.

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