Ozzy's Farm House

By Osman Sheikh

So I read this cool article, on the Modern Farmer magazine website, about a soccer stadium, in Kenya, that is built to catch water from rainfall for farming. The stadium in Kenya is shaped weird to me, but I like the fact that it's big, cause it looks like it can gather tons of rain water.

We are building a new farmhouse at MAP. If I took the idea of creating a farmhouse on our farm, but shaped it differently, it will function differently and collect a lot of raindrops. It can definitely be a huge factor for our farm. My idea of how this would be is it would be shaped like a round building [kind of like Epcott Center] that collects water from drops of the rain as they slide down the side. Then it would go through a filter that cleans that water and the water goes to underground where the clean water stays. The rain would drop and the water from the rain would fall off from all sides of the farm house and go underground the water would go through a pump and we can use it spray all the crops.

Danielle suggested I sketch out my idea. This is what we came up with.  Ozzy's Farm House!

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