Not Every Farmer Is White

Credit: Some growing projects around Philly
Hi, my name is Mariah. I’m 16 years old, I’m in 10th grade, and I work at MAP.  At work lately we’ve been discussing oppression.  Today, Rebekah showed us this website that connects oppression with farmers.

The website, "This is what a farmer looks like", is a project that welcomes women and people from different backgrounds and races who self-identify as famers to submit a picture of themselves working on their farms.  What these pictures will do is help stop pervasive stereotypes of the white, hetereosexual, Christian, able-bodied "all-American" farmer.  I watched some YouTube videos (Out Here and The Color of Food) that show more realistic images of people engaged in farming and food production, helping to shift and expand the notion of who gets to represent "The Farmer”.

You can participate too if you consider yourself as a self-identified farmer.  To participate, email farmeridentityproject (@) gmail.com and complete the form on the "This is what a farmer looks like" website.  Only images submitted with a form may be included.

I hope you participate.

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