Get that Bus!

By Yassin Abdikadir

Hello, my name is Yassin Abdikadir, and I am a youth employee at MAP Growing Green.  MAP is a non-profit organization that focuses on urban farming.  MAP also focuses on employing teens over the summer and during the school-year.  I am trying to help MAP get a bus so that we don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money on transportation.

We have been in the midst of organizing a project at MAP to get a bus.  So far we’ve had meetings and citizenship programs where we make decisions about how we could get a bus.  The citizenship programs are not just about getting a bus, but this is just one project that we’re working on.

So far, we’ve created action plans that describe what to do in order to accomplish our goals.  We haven’t initiated our action plans, but we plan to do so.  Our current plans include holding a fundraiser such as a bake sale and hosting a movie night.  Furthermore, in order to reach out to more people, we will create flyers explaining what we need in order to fulfill our action plans and our GOAL.

In conclusion, we are going to need YOUR help to get a bus.  We will need donations; every penny counts.  STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION.  We will be back in touch soon.

Yassin Abdikadir of MAP

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