#MAPyouth go to NESAWG!

Three MAP youth employees have been awarded a scholarship to attend the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) conference in Saratoga Springs next week.  Dillon Hill, Khadijah Hussein, and Donacion Nibarutu were selected to attend on behalf of MAP's youth employees.

These three were selected because of their participation in MAP Growing Green, a youth development and urban agriculture training program, but also because of their strong leadership qualities and communication skills within our organization.

Dillon, May 2013
This year, Dillon Hill is a senior at Frederick Law Olmsted.  He is also a four-year veteran of MAP Growing Green.  Dillon is one of our most skilled farmers and is passionate about food policy and building a local food system.  He is one of the youth representatives of the Buffalo & Erie County Food Policy Council and a member of the 4-H Youth Advisors Council (YAC) committed to improving school meals in Buffalo Public Schools.  Dillon is currently applying for colleges, and is especially interested in agriculture and law.

Khadijah, August 2014
Khadijah Hussein is a sophomore at International Preparatory High School.  Although Khadijah is interested in studying nursing as a profession, her interests are far broader then health and medicine.  
Khadijah has been with MAP Growing Green for the past two summers and last school year.  Last year she wrote a blog article about her experience assisting the University at Buffalo's Food Systems and Planning Lab with their food store audits in the summer of 2013.  Last spring Khadijah joined Dillon and other Buffalo Public School students on the Youth Advisors Council and she has consistently stepped up in terms of sharing her perspective on food issues and speaking publicly for both YAC and MAP Growing Green.

Donacion, July 2013
Last, but definitely not least, Donacion Nibarutu is fairly new to MAP Growing Green.  A junior at McKinley High School, Donacion (or DN for short), joined MAP for the past two summers, and recently joined our crew of fifteen school-year employees in October of this year. 

DN has shown interest in further exploring issues such as GMO's and sustainable versus conventional agriculture, and as a step towards policy work, DN has also shown an interest in community organizing and meeting facilitation.  A tall and stately young man, DN goes by the nickname of "King Foreign", and stands out amongst his peers as a leader.  He is comfortable with representing his peers and speaking publicly, and is excited to get more involved in leadership opportunities at MAP.

The trip to NESAWG will allow these three MAP youth employees to learn about exciting work being done to build local food systems in cities all over the Northeast, while sharing the great work they are doing with Growing Green here in Buffalo.  They will also be able to come back and share what they learned with their peers.  It will be an experience that will stand out for them in the future as well as on college applications they will soon be completing!

We look forward to having them share about their experience in the blog, so look out for articles from them in the future.

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