Meet Serge: MAP's Communications Specialist

Hello, my name is Serge and I am a student at Hutch Tech High School. I have been a member of MAP for about a year now. I have had the privilege to work alongside great people that have taught me so much in my time here.

On my first day at MAP I wasn't very enthusiastic about the work. I felt like the only reason I was there was to prepare myself for "my" future. I thought the only thing that mattered was being able to sustain myself when I grow up and not rely on anyone else. I'm pretty sure that's how everyone feels on their first day of work- only worried about what you get, not what you do. Later into the program I realized my original motivation for working at MAP was wrong. I had finally understood what MAP was all about!

MAP provides healthy, local, and affordable food for people in need. MAP has taught me about food deserts: neighborhoods where people have to travel long distances just to get to a grocery store. In these areas very few people get the proper nutrients they need for a healthy diet because they cannot afford healthy foods or don't have a car to carry all their groceries. MAP helps people in these neighborhoods. MAP’s mission helped me realize that there are people other than me that are in need of support and who cannot provide for themselves. 

As I have mentioned, MAP is full of great people and opportunities. MAP has taught me so much about how important it is to help others. Thanks to MAP, I now know that I am part of a community and that I can be of great service to that community.

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