About Chickens: Layers & Broilers

By Orion Valentin

I am Orion and I’ve worked at MAP for a year.  I am sixteen, I go to Charter High School for Applied Technology, and I am a softball player.  Sometimes I work on the farm and I watch our chickens running around.  At MAP our chickens are not laying chickens, they’re meat birds.  We will be using them to sell as meat, not to lay eggs.

Laying chickens begin to lay eggs at 15 to 16 weeks of age; they will lay eggs practically every day for the next year.  There isn’t any additional meat on them, they basically lay eggs up until they die, one day they just perish.  All their vitality is committed to laying eggs.

Broilers or meat birds are bred intentionally to be killed at a really young age. They need to be fed very elevated amounts of protein, like 28% of their diet is protein.

With little or no concern about the birds muscle quality, the eggs they lay are of lower quality then “laying eggs” because they have more tissue on their bodies.  The meat birds that you buy in the stores have been exterminated at 5 to 7 weeks or younger.

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