Remembering the Message of Dr. King

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By Aweso Noor

On the BusinessDictionary.com website, social justice is defined as, “the fair and proper administration of law conforming to the natural law that all persons, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race, religion etc., are to be treated equally and without prejudice.” With this definition my focus shifts to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s response to injustices and how social justice involves the Massachusetts Avenue Project. I believe there are many non-violent ways to respond to social injustice, and the main advocate of this type of resistance is Dr. King.

Today, Dr. King is considered a significant figure in American history. Although his birthday just passed a few days ago on the 15th, America is now looking forward to the 20th of January to celebrate his life and achievements. Dr. King is known by many as the voice of the American civil rights movement because he worked for equal rights for all. This is an important aspect to understand because of the time period and how blacks were treated in the Southern United States. Dr. King preached excessively about nonviolent protest including civil disobedience. Retaliation he thought is not a necessary means in order to accomplish equality. By preaching about love for one another and peace Dr. King believed it would prevail over the injustices. One of his famous speeches “I have a dream” is coming to fruition because everyone is integrated and America is full of diversity just as he hoped.

Just as Dr. King fought for social equality and justice, MAP is also an advocate of social justice. Unlike Dr. King however, MAP focuses on the food aspect of injustice present in Buffalo. MAP helps ensure that everyone living in the area is able to get fresh and healthy foods. Buffalo is filled with food deserts and MAP's goal is to deliver healthy foods to those areas, and sell that food at a cheaper price. MAP helps fight inequality by targeting low income families, because not everyone is able to afford fresh and healthy foods.

Dr. King preached many times for people not to resort to violence and to live in harmony. Ultimately his life was taken away from us because of this, but America is still feeling his impact. His legacy will forever be remembered. Everyone wants to live in a perfect world, but at the end of the day social injustice is still prevalent throughout our society. I believe it’s our job as individuals and organizations to work together to help end social injustice.

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