The MAP Your Future Program: Featuring Serge

Serge, MAP youth employee
By Serge Muhahareni

Hi! My name is Serge and I am a student at Hutch Tech High School. I want to be a mechanical engineer, because I like cars. To me, building a car is like putting together a puzzle, each part is important and cannot be misplaced.

 I have been a fan of cars since I was a kid. I remember the one toy I was able to keep, since my birth until I was five, was a mini Elmo sitting in a toy car. I also loved seeing my dad work on motors when he took me to his job occasionally. I used to tell my classmates that my dad had the coolest job in the world. It is for that reason that I like cars and want to work on them in the future.

Not only did I like toy cars as a child, I liked taking the transformers apart and putting them back together. I have always liked putting things together, especially puzzles. I saw my dad once taking out the door of a car and I asked him; “Is it broken?” He responded; “No, it’s just like your toys, things come apart and then they go back together.” But as you know, a car cannot be put back anyway you want, it has to be accurate. If a car is not put right then it is not a car, just as a puzzle is nothing without all its pieces.

Cutaway drawing, from en.wikipedia.org
Part of making cars is designing them. That is a very difficult task. The designs have to show every aspect and every detail without a single mistake otherwise the entire project is ruined. That worries me a bit because if a single piece is not in the design, is missing or is misinterpreted then everything goes wrong. For that reason, I know I must not be careless or overconfident in this type of job.

In conclusion, even though this is a tough job where no flaw is permitted, I want to be a mechanical engineer. I have been familiar with cars since my childhood and I know I picked the right future for myself.

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