MAP Youth Help Out Clean Air Coalition

Hi, my name is Solamon Thang Ha and I am a youth worker at Massachusetts Ave Project. When we had a MAP Growing Green big group meeting, one of my bosses, Rebekah mentioned that I could sign up to work for the Clean Air Coalition for couple of hours. The next day, I went to the Clean Air Coalition’s office and discussed what I would be doing with them. They told me that we would be going to streets in the community and telling residents about what is going on in their neighborhood, which is the Department of Transportation’s proposal to spend $28.5 million on remodeling the Peace Bridge Plaza.

The Clean Air Coalition is a non-profit organization that wants the residents of Western New York to have better health. Their mission is to build power by developing grassroots leaders who organize their communities in order to run and win environmental justice and public health campaigns in Western New York.

We went to door to door throughout the neighborhood and told them what was going on, and the effects that the Peace Bridge Plaza Remodeling Project will bring to them, their families, and their neighbors. The project will increase the amount of trucks traveling in the area and increase air pollution. We gave the residents post cards that included our office address, contact information, and the possible negative effects of the Peace Bridge Plaza Remodeling Project on their neighborhood. After that, we asked them to attend a meeting we will be hosting in preparation for the big public meeting.

What I like about working with the Clean Air Coalition is that they are non-profit organization and they are helping communities around Western New York. What I like best about working with the Clean Air Coalition is letting the residents know what is going on in their community and about negatives effects that the Peace Bridge Plaza Remodeling Project will bring to them and their neighborhood. Working with the Clean Air Coalition and MAP is similar in many ways. Both of the organizations are non-profit and both of the organizations’ missions are about helping the residents in the community to have better health. Helping the community something I enjoy doing and both MAP and the Clean Air Coalition have allowed me the opportunity to do that. Everyone should be willing to step up and help their neighbors and community.

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