Just Lead Event

By Dabreon Darby, @DabreonDarby

The Just Lead event which took place at the Burchfield Penny Art Center on Elmwood at 5pm last Wednesday was riveting. There was a presentation by Bernard Rice & Dillon Hill on school lunches in the Buffalo Public Schools. These two youth leaders voiced their opinions and their peer’s opinions on Buffalo Public School lunches in front of representatives from Buffalo's public schools, the Food Service Director Bridget O'Brien Wood, and advocates for healthier local food school lunches.

Then came the presentation by a long-time MAP and Western New York Community Supported Agriculture proponent, and leader farmer Dan Oles.  He was the Master of Ceremonies for the Just Lead event presenting on his opinions for fresh local grown food incorporated into the Buffalo Public School lunch systems.

Lastly came the perspective of the Buffalo Public Schools by Bridget O'Brien Wood.  Ms. O'Brien Wood is trying to work with the youth leaders and advocates for healthier school lunches by finding a common solution, but her job is much harder than that.  She's not an insensitive Buffalo leader who is ambiguous to policies, but she has to answer to people more powerful than her (the USDA) who puts restrictions and regulations on the school lunches which makes her job harder.  Her commitment to finding a solution to their problem is well-received and well-noted.

Memorable Info Tables

The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council was there, their yogurt and side options were delicious.
The Modern Corporation table was fascinating in it's description on it's business. For more info about Modern go to http://moderncorporation.com/.

The MAP table also had its fair share of visitors. When visitors answered a MAP questionnaire, they received a bottle of the famous Raspberry Apple Vinaigrette. There were also many other colleges and businesses there as well for more information please go to the websites below or emails:


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