2nd Buffalo Food Policy Summit on October 23rd and October 24th

"The Personal Is Political" - Carol Hanisch 1969

What's the Food Policy Summit all about?

Whether we like it or not, policies affect every area of our lives, even the food we eat.

Policies can make sure that our kids have fresh greens, lean meat and whole grains on their school cafeteria trays.  Policies can bar or encourage food trucks in a city or offer support to immigrants and refugees starting-up international restaurants in our communities.  Policies can also support small farms in connecting with more markets.  In short, policies can affect what goes on our plates and in to our stomachs!

That's why Massachusetts Avenue Project and our partners at the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities - Buffalo Partnership are excited about the newly formed Food Policy Council of Buffalo and Erie County.  We're so excited we are co-hosting a huge event that's going to take place over the next couple of days, and we're inviting you, the public, and policymakers to learn about the Food Policy Council and get involved to make changes to food policy that can really get our region eating healthier, more local, and therefore boosting our local economy.

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The 2nd Buffalo Food Policy Summit features the following six events in two days:

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Thursday, October 24th, 2013
  • 8:15 AM - Policymaker Summit (Invitation-Only)
  • 2:00 PM - Food Systems Planning & Policy Training Workshop
  • 6:30 PM - “A Place at the Table” Screening & Panel Discussion
Visit the website

For more information about the 2nd Buffalo Food Policy Summit, visit the website at http://hkhcbuffalo.org/2nd-buffalo-food-policy-summit/.  We hope to see you there!

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