Hello from Kuwu at Growing Green Youth Enterprise

hey, my name is kuwu kabah and i am a youth employee at growing green. I've started working at growing green in July 2011. there are three different groups and they are the outreach group, business group, and farm group. during the summer i had the opportunity to work in the outreach group and in this group we were in charge of making posters and making videos to show what our goal is at growing green. this fall i was selected with 10 other youth to continue working for the School year program. this fall i'm apart of the enterprise group also known as the Growing Green Works. since I've started working with the enterprise group I've learned so many things about business, like break even analysis and how to do market research for a product. We finally produced our Raspberry Apple Cider Vinaigrette and its very good. It is not available in stores yet but give us a call if you'd like to order some 882-5327 ext 5.
I have learned a lot that i didn't know before. when i first started selling our products i was very shy and a bit scared to speak to our costumers. my supervisor Zoe taught me so much about communication, persuasive speech and presentation and has been very patient with me. now i can speak in public and sell products out in the markets with out being nervous. I've also learned a lot of information about the foods that are being sold in groceries stores and i believe that everyone deserves to know these facts because after finding out what I've been eating for so many years i felt very bad that I've stop eating things i thought were good for me when all along they were really harming me-like fast foods, factory farm fish and meat and foods with pesticides. once again I'm kuwu kabah and I'm a youth employee at the Massachusetts ave project ( growing green)

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