To the readers: My first few months on the job was very interesting. I have learned many things. Among those I learned how to better communicate with people and most importantly keep a job. Planting, camping, discussing business issues, and learning about agriculture were some of the many activities we did during the summer. Working with growing green has always been fun since the very first time I started. Unfortunately I went through something I hope many others will not. As I mentioned above this job has helped me to learn responsibility. The past few weeks I decided to avoid work and skip for my school soccer team. Because of my careless attitude, I returned and received a very big warning. Currently I'm on six weeks probation for my job. Little things like these have helped to educate me and become a better person in the working world. I will never again make careless decisions like these. I thank growing green/Massachusetts Avenue Project for giving me my first employment opportunity. As always thanks for reading. Jon cintron

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