hey you fellow bloggers, it's your girl Carisma. Today I want to ell you about what we'v been doing in the business group. We ahve been giving Zoe a break from teaching the class, and we've been teaching ourselves. This new way of teaching is called Each one Teach one. Well today was my turn to teach the class. My topic was on giving a presentation. I had to tell the three different kinds of presentations or speeches there are, and give some tips on how to give that type of speech. It was fun and I think it went very well. I even made up a game called "Um". Well the game wasn't all my idea it was conbined with a game I used to play when I was in eighth grade, made up by my eighth grade teacher. I forget her name, but she helped me out a lot. I conbined the game with some of my own ideas to make the game fit some what into my lesson plan. The game is called "Um" because the person speaking is not allowed to say words like "um", "uh", or any of the other filler words. Now I know what you are probably wondering, "What is a filler word?" Well a filler word is a word that people use to fill the gap in between thier first thought and the next. The game is designed to show people how many times on average a person says,"um" in one entire day. I forgot the statistics (give me a break it was almost five years ago) but I do know that people say the word, "um" many times in one day. I was shocked when I heard how many times a person uses that word. I remember my teacher saying that word is used by many people at least eighty times a morning, and that's just the morning, you still have the rest of the day to go.
Some more tips I gave were just basic things, like speak clearly, present yoursefl in a good manner, and speak as if what you are saying is the most important thing in the entire world at that point in time. In all I would say the presentation went very well. Everyone liked my game. I can't figure out if they thought it was fun or if they liked the fact that they got candy, but they all liked it and wanted to play again.

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