Hey it's Charisma again. On Saturday I went to Premiere to do a sales Promotion with Zoe. I think it went very well. We talked to a lot of people about our chili starter. Some already heard of our chili starter and thought it was great. One lady came up to me and she was so excited. I couldn't believe how excited she was. She said she heard about us from her son, and she thought our chili starter was great. Her son also loved it because it is mostly organic. Many people that tried the chili that Zoe made loved it. Many also found it appealing that they could add their own ingredients. Others thought it was great because they could put it in the slow cooker and leave it in the pot for ten hours on low while they go to work. If they wanted a fast meal we told them the slow cooker will cook the chili in five hours if the pot is on high. We started out with four and a half cases, and ended up with two and a half cases left. I would say the day was a success. We even ran out of chili before the sales promotion was over. Some people got just the starter because we were really scraping the bottom at the end.

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