hey it's Carisma again. Today I want to talk about what happened at Virginia Tech. I can't believe thirty- three people were killed by this guy on campus. The news castors said it is the most mass deaths in United States history. I don't know if it is true or not but I heard he shot those people on the campus over his girlfriend. He started in the dorms and then went to the classrooms. Some kids were jumping out of windows to escape the bullets. Today on the news One girls parents were on the news telling about their experience. Their daughter was not one of the victims, but they were frightened. Their daughter called them after the first shooting to let them know she was ok, but didn't after the second. They were not able to get in touch with her. When they called her phone she didn't answer, which scared them worse. They were thanking God their daughter wasn't one od the victims, however they said their hearts og out to the families of the victims. What kind of a person could kill thirty-three people. He also shot and killed himself after killing the other people. We really need peace on this world. It's bad that there is so much hatred in the world, why does there have to be killing to go along with it? If anyone can answer that question for me please let me know.
Bye for now Carisma

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