Hey guess what it's Carisma again. We have a really big problem. The business gruop is running outo f product. Our chili starter is almost gone. I know you are probably worndering why we don't just make some more chili starter? Am I right? Well to answer your question, all of the produce need to make our chili starter is not in season yet. THe produce won't come into season until the end of summer. We are all about using organic produce in our products, and all the produce are roots right now. That is the reason we are going through a process called Research and Development. Which means that we are hoping to develope a new product that grows during the winter and spring months. Some of the produce we are considering are carrots, potatoes, onions, squash, which is available during the winter, and turnips, which are also available during the winter months. I thin our best bet would be to go with the carrots. We can make a lot of things with carrots. We could go with the potatoes also, but I think we should go with the carrots.

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