Hey this is Carisma and Rodney, we're in the business group. About two weeks ago we went to the BLAST conference in Holyoke, Massachusetts. BLAST (Building Local Agriculture Systems Today) is part of the Food Project, a youth and community development organization that does great projects like us! We met with youth from other cities to talk about making food more local and easier to get for everyone. We were interested in being around other youth urban agriculture groups from Brooklyn, Holyoke, Poughkeepse and even Maine. If you want to know more about Blast go to www.the food project.org and look under "Blast youth intiative."
Before we went to the conference in Massachusetts, we went to a panel discussion at the Asareese Community Center for Community Peace Week in Buffalo. It was put on by Buffalo State College and the discussion was about youth and their involvement in economic deveopment. We were the experts so the discussion was real exciting. There was about sixty-five people there! People had some really good questions. I found myself speaking more than I have before in my entire lifetime. So anyways, what we are trying to get across is that the people in Growing Green have made a difference in our community.
"That's All FOlks" . . . . .for today!

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