Hi my name is Lina Shafie and I am 16. I am in the Business Group here at Growing Green and what I do is Marketing and Sales planning. Marketing is figuring out who you can sell to, where you should sell, how you tell everyone about your company & what you want to do in the community.
Selling, well its getting your stuff out there and hopefully making a profit. Growing Green Inc. uses the vegetables from the garden in our new salsa product called Sana Salsa. We grow our ingredients on our own urban farm with all natural fertilizers and methids to ensure high quality, great taste and no harmful pesticides.
Heres why we are the Best I mean THE BEST!!!
Our process is to tell people about why you should buy healthy,fresh,organic foods and also to support buying locally produced and processed foods. I know all of you are wondering where you can find organic foods well I am going to tell you.
1. Lexgeton food Co-op
2. Tops

3. Guercios
4. Wegmans
5. CSA
Our products are made with high quality, home-grown organic produce from are urban farm which is called Growing Green Inc. Most of 50% of retail price goes to support us and other youth development and urban agriculture in Buffalo New York. Our vegetables and fruit have Food Facts to feed your mind as well as your stomach.

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