Today we are setting up our blog! and planning for a visit from the Tribal Youth Council. We are also working to prepare for the Eat In Act Out Week in August.
We watched a movie this morning, it was kinda boring, it was too educational. Its raining out side so we are inside all day. We talked about what the movie was about, why farmers get booted off their land, about monopolies in the farming industries, how animals die from disease because the are all pack in to the cages real tight. One thing that stood out was a woman who said that farmers only make 3.5c per loaf of bread and it take 6c to grow the grain to make that loaf.
After lunch we played a game where we wrote five things about ourselves on a post it note that we thought no one else would know about us. Then the group had to guess who the post it belonged to.

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daringd said...

WOW! this looks so great! I am so impressed. I can tell you all have worked really hard on this and it is so nice to hear all of your voices thru this medium. Rock on! -Diane