Hi it's Carisma again. Today in the business part of the Growing Green program we talked about business of course. First, we took a test, just like in school, only it was an open book test. After the test was over we went over it. It was mostly about co-ops, and what is the difference between a co-op and a regular business. The test also required a little knowledge about business plans, as well as kitchen knowledge. Later we got to talk about colors. There is a awful lot of information I was not aware of. There are the primary colors, and secondary colors of course, but there is also a third group of colors called tertiary colors. These colors result when a primary and a secondary color is put together, such as red orange. The group also learned about which colors make people hungry, which colors calm people down, etc. What I found was most interesting was babies seem to like the color red, but cry more longer and louder if put into a room of yellow. I found that this experience has helped me out for when I plan on having kids in my thirties. I now know not to paint the baby room yellow. Talk to you later.

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