Hello, my is Barbly YuWar and I'm sixteen year's old I work with the Growing Green Program and this is my second year here. We have
different teams and every week one team does different activities like cooking, going to a soup kitchen to serve food or teach young kids about eating healthy and gardening. But today I just want to tell you about what I do in the Growing Green business group. My role in the business is on the Recipe team. We make the product in our kitchen. The salsa has black beans, corn, garlic, peppers, onions, cilantro, tomatoes and other good things. I like the salsa because it tastes fresh and mild. There are a lot of rules to make our salsa safe for the public so we can sell it. When we made our salsa everyone who is part of our team had to wash their hands and do their part by cleaning the kitchen. We also learn how to work together in teams or in groups. Today we went out to the community and talk to them about our program and our BBQ for Eat In Act Out coming up. As you can see in Growing Green we try to educate others as we are being educated in the program. thats about it for now . . . .

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