Working through Covid-19 with Bethany!

MEET BETHANY (MAP's Farm to Table Coordinator)

“At the start of the pandemic, I was mostly working from home and trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to film myself making recipes in my kitchen. I missed working with the teens and having access to the big, beautiful kitchen at our farmhouse.

Since being back in the farmhouse kitchen, I’ve found that I’ve had a lot more time to develop new recipes and find creative ways to make use of extra produce from our Market. While I’m sad to not be able to host events and cooking classes, I’ve enjoyed being able to focus on making lots of small-batch goods for our Farm Store.

Working with smaller groups of youth in the kitchen also allows me to give them more personalized direction and has allowed us to be more efficient and make more things!”

(Photo: MAP Youth Day on left, Bethany on right, working hard in the MAP Kitchen!)

#WorkingThroughCovid is a short series we are sharing through the end of the year! #MeetOurStaff who have never stopped growing, selling, and preserving MAP's way through #COVID-19 this year. #Essential #FoodThatMoves #GrowingGreen #VISTA #FoodAccess