Improving student's health through food

By Neena H

After close examination of the overall health and well being of students in the Buffalo Public Schools, it is evident that theirs a need for change. Students having low test scores, lack of motivation and trouble focusing have all been the result of poor nutrition. At home some children aren’t getting the necessary nutrients they need to thrive at school and because of this are falling short. To combat this issue and issues of food security The Good Food Purchasing Program has provided schools with fresh local produce and new and improved menus. The GFPP first started in LA but has made its way to various cities and now we hope to adopted in here in Buffalo. The GFPP tackles issues in the food system through five areas:
  1. local economies
  2. environmental sustainability 
  3. valid work force 
  4. animal welfare and 
  5. nutrition
By bringing this organization to Buffalo we intend to improve not only the health of the students but the health of the community. Please come join us in having an impact on these kids lives.

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