Meet Girard, our Research Coordinator this summer!

Hi my name is Girard and I'm twenty years old. I identify as a male. I cannot wait to get into things here at MAP. I never thought I would be given such a great opportunity to help the city of Buffalo while learning about urban agriculture and new found ways of conservationism within a city landscape. As more people begin to aid in Buffalo's resurgence there will be a greater impact upon our surrounding environment.

One of my main jobs this summer is to develop a research plan for the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP) and its five values which are: (1) a valued work force, (2) animal welfare, (3) nutrition, (4) environmental sustainability, (5) and supporting local economies. I am ready to put my heart and mind to work because protecting our environment while supporting the Buffalo community and economy is my passion. I like to say that in order to have a thriving economy there must be an equally thriving environment to support it. I am eager to see what this summer holds in terms of meeting new people and helping MAP with anything possible.

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