The People's food Movement

My name is Gabriel, and I am part of the citizenship and organizing group at Massachusetts Avenue Project. This April we hosted The Peoples Food Movement, which is a community focused event which was focused on educating the community, fellow MAP youth, and other attendees on many different food issues, action items, and advocacy opportunities and bringing “good food” to Buffalo communities.

The event, in my opinion was both educational and fun. When we first got there we were introduced with welcoming remarks by Alexander Wright of the African Heritage Food Co-op, Candace Moppins from the Delevan Grider community center, and Councilman Ulysees Owingo Senior. Us MAP youth were then given “scavenger hunt” sheets, which asked us questions pertaining to different action items at the event, as a means to get us to learn about all the different issues that were being taught about at the event.

One thing that I learned about and would like to recommend other people to learn about would be the Good Food Purchasing Program, which is an intensive program that is being promoted to different institutions to help them purchase from, and value ethical food production. Overall I would recommend the event to anyone in Buffalo to help them further their understanding of food issues prevalent in the communities around them.

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