The peoples food movement

By Sophia B

It was a very rewarding and informative event; I was impressed on how many people come out to support MAP and at the same time get involved in the community. The event had different initiatives that different organizations were working on and it was very interesting learning more about it.

My involvement in the event was I had to Translate to Swahili speakers from journeys end refugee services who were interested and wanted to get involved in the food system. While I was explaining to them the different projects that were introduced at the event, one that really caught their attention was what some organizations are trying to do for immigrants to help them feel welcome and included. For instance, the west side Bazaar, which is a collection of different international businesses supported by west minister economic development initiative. This organization supports new Americans start and hopeful own a business.

As I was translating and introducing them to different initiatives one comment that they kept emphasizing to me is that they wished there was a farm that would allow them to plant international foods while also teaching them how to use different tools on the farm that they have seen here but not back home. I thought it was a really interesting idea and could have probably been passed as an action item.

What I also did at the movement is I participated in a skit with other MAP youth; we were expressing the power of people’s voice and the change we can make if we joined and worked together. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I am glad I got to be part of it. It’s also sad because it might be the last project that I get to work on with MAP.

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