NYC Trip

By Mariama M

The New York City trip simply reminded me of the endless possibilities besides just Buffalo. How it is hard to usually leave during college or after. By going to New York City I was able to meet with other youth that were doing a range or work in the city, from holding feasts to turing an old rail road into a public garden so that all people can enjoy the beauty.

I think I enjoyed the hostel a lot, seeing as it was my first time ever staying at one. The people there were so different. All there for numerous reasons, from studying to just visiting the states. At the hostel we made dinner, which was a range of different types of pizza, and everyone came down to join us. I made friends from Sweden and Brazil. Along with the fun we had, we visited a couple of colleges, such as the New School and toured Columbia campus. Then we went comic book shopping on Broadway near the Stonewall.

I think that visiting New York City made me miss living in a larger city. In a way, living in Buffalo I'm able to still have a large enough city so there are different organizations to meet with and fight for change.

The variety of styles in New York City was so enriching. Or, how there are fresh fruit vendors around every corner. I wonder if Buffalo could have vendors that have fresh fruit and how that could change the city. There's a lot of things in New York City I would love to bring back (besides a better taste in clothes, lol). For example, how the youth we met hold meetings, or the slang they use for notetaker is 'scribe.'

Let us raise a standard to when the wise and the honest can repair. The event is in the hand of God. ~ Washington, from Washington Square Park

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