Meet Thaint!

Hello to all my readers! I am known as Thaint. I am currently attending Hutch-Tech High School. I've been in the USA for 13 years - ever since I moved from Burma.

I've been at MAP for two school years and one summer. I came here as my first employment and I ended up realizing that I like the work here at MAP, so I've been coming back ever since. I learned so much since I've been working here; from colleges, to native American people. I also learned a lot of responsibilities for myself, such as getting to work on time and respecting people.

My favorite part of MAP is going to places and taking 'field trips' to places like the farmers market and the school's lunch office. My least favorite part would be sitting for too long. I'm a hyper person and can't sit for long. The biggest challenge between school and MAP is that sometimes life happens - events come up - that make it hard to balance.

What is next for me in the future is college and starting a really small 'business' like dog walking. My favorite activities outside of MAP are drawing, editing videos and working out on certain days. I give back to the community by working with the Food Lab [at the University of Buffalo] to help support the Burmese community.

At first I didn't even know what food justices was, until I got with MAP. Now I realize why it's important to know what's going on inside my body.

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