Farmhouse Construction: In memory of the straw bale greenhouse


In 2007 MAP started building it's first greenhouse. The 520 square foot straw bale greenhouse was "One of the greenest houses in Buffalo and the first and only green house of its kind in B-lo!! WestsIIIIIIDE! Peace." 2007 Growing Green blog post, by an unknown author.

Insulated with straw on a cement foundation, the construction of this greenhouse was a community endeavor. Neighbors, experts and Growing Green youth all helped. Over the years this space has been used to start seedlings for MAP's farm and seedling sale, grow shoots and was home to MAP's first aquaponics system.

After ten years (and the roof blowing off) it was time to say good bye to MAP's straw bale greenhouse as we make way for construction on our new farm house to begin in earnest. We have exciting plans on how to use this new space - stay tuned! In the meantime, take a trip back in time and see the straw bale greenhouse in action!


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