When the Stomach Roars

By Ingabire A

On Sunday my coworkers and I when to Tops grocery store. Our purpose was to challenge My Plate with different amounts of money in our shopping budget. I was getting my money from a salary, so it was a bit different than someone who was relying on food stamps.

I had four people in my family. Budgeting for them, and making sure they had the right meals was a bit stressful because of the calculations and knowledge I had to put in trying to feed them right and healthy.

As I was doing the activity I felt like:
it's a lot of work to budget, and feed people according to My Plate.
 This is because of economic issues and also time to do the budgeting. In the end it's all worth it because you feed the people you love with a nice, balanced and healthy meals.

My shopping compared to how I eat on a regular basis is so different. I had to compromise my shopping because I am used to halal meats, and Tops does not carry halal meat. So, I had to adapt and get what was available. I feel like I eat not as well as the recommendations by the USDA because of lack of money and time, but I try to balance a bit.

My purchases at Tops would worsen my diet if I ate that way every week because there weren't enough healthy food options that were affordable. The staples that were missing from my shopping list were proteins and grains. These items are important because I need grain for energy and I need protein for my bones to get stronger.

Last but not least, I had a fun experience doing this activity!

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