By Soliegh D

My family has six people in it, including myself. I get $180 in food stamps a week, which boils down to $30 per person per week. I had to shop for 3 adult portion sizes and 3 child portions sizes. I didn't have to do the calculations, because I was absent, so the shopping part of this activity wasn't very hard. We probably did this so we could see what it's like budging for a families weekly groceries.

It is possible to eat a My Plate meal on SNAP benefits. You can't be picky about it though, and you will have to deal with eating the same foods for every single meal, but you will survive. I had a lot of money left over after fulfilling the weekly My Plate guidelines, so I got treats and snacks to try to spice things up. But, to no avail. My fake kids hate me and my boring meals - my family ate peanut butter sandwiches, milk, frozen vegetables and an apple for Every. Single. Meal.

I think My Plate could improve upon themselves if they changed their model or added additional models to accompany more peoples needs based on their dietary restrictions. My Plate doesn't accommodate people with dairy restrictions. SNAP benefits could give more money so you could eat a variety of foods or just be able to afford better quality foods. Just because SNAP benefits allow you to buy the cheapest meats, for instance, doesn't mean you should buy them. They are often full or hormones and are raised in inhumane and environmentally unfriendly manners.

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