Shopping with My Plate!

By Isabella A

I got a fake family, and I had to go shopping for them on a budget. My family consisted of two adults and three kids. My food money cam from food stamps, and my total allowance for per week is $192. I tried to figure out why protion sizes by using the USDA My Plate recommendations for adults and children. It wasn't really difficult to figure out what I needed, but it was confusing with all the math that needed to be done. I think we did this exercise to show how complicated it is to shop using My Plate standards while being on a strict budget.

The struggle with staying in My Plate standards

My list of purchases at Tops is way different than what I eat on a regular basis. Basically I purchased all the ingredients for lasagna, plus apples, for every meal of the week. I feel as though I might not eat as well as the portions recommended by the USDA because I don't follow those standards for every meal, every day. And I eat junk food sometimes too. I think my purchases at Tops would worsen my diet because it would be unhealthy to eat the same meal for the rest of my life. I think a variety of fruits and vegetables are missing from my shopping list, and that it is important to keep things not boring food-wise.

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